Buying Grass Finished Beef

GRASS FINISHED BEEF IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE LATE SUMMER AND EARLY FALL.  If you are interested in purchasing Grass-Finished beef just let us know when you order.

Our grass finished cows are raised on yummy grass in the Spring and Summer when the grass is nutritive, and dried grasses and/or beans (Hay) in the Fall and Winter. Organic grass fed beef is not natural to our region because there isn't enough nutritive grass to go around. For that reason, grass finished cows are available between July and September.

Our grain-finished cows receive an extra diet of oats, barley and /or garbanzo beans for a richer flavor.

There’s a reason beef should be grass-finished, and it’s not just because it tastes good. Healthy beef is part of a healthy diet. While red meat has been given a bad rap by many health enthusiasts, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

The health benefits of grass-fed beef

Beef naturally includes a particular type of monosaturated fat called oleic acid. Oleic acid has been associated with lowered cholesterol rates and is rumored to affect HDL levels and lower blood pressure. Olive oil is a large source of oleic acid, but beef is also a source.

Grass fed beef additionally contains high levels of Omega 3 Fatty acids. Omega 3 Fatty acids have known health benefits including better heart health, acting as an anti-depressant, and reducing inflammation from asthma. Omega 3 Fatty acids may even reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s.

There’s More to Grass Fed than Marketing Spin

Nowadays, the term grass-fed is used rather loosely. Technically, any animal that has ever been feed grass is ‘grass fed’. Idaho Beef cattle are not occasionally fed grass; they are always fed grass. When they have been fattened up enough, they are either finished with a grain mixture or allowed to come to weight on grass alone.

Our fully grass fed beef is called grass-finished, to indicate they have only been fed grass their entire life. These animals are typically smaller and have less saturated fat. Fully grass fed/ grass finished beef is closer to deer or elk meat in texture and nutrition, while grain finished beef has more marbling.

Healthy beef without all the hype

For Idaho Beef, healthy beef is natural beef. We don’t spend time hand-massaging our cows or certifying that our remote mountain watered pastures have organic grass. Our cows are raised the natural, old-western way - before industry created shortcuts to mass produce beef. Our grass fed beef is dry-aged - infusing flavor and allowing the natural aging process to occur. Good beef is worth the wait, and after one bite, we are sure you will agree!

Most beef have additives to shorten the processing time or to make packaging more attractive. However, there is no guarantee that these additives are safe for you. Idaho Beef assures that there are no chemicals added to our beef at any time. We have healthy, non- GMO fed cows, that are available in corn, barley, oat or grass finishing. While many beef companies use gimmicks and additives to sell their beef, we do not need to because we do not have to.

Simply Better

We bring beef, the way it used to be, to the urban areas of the Pacific Northwest, as a way of sharing our wholesome culture with yours.


Beef so good it's worth sharing!

Idaho Beef brings authentic, farm-raised beef to the Seattle and Portland area.

Ordering is easy, but supplies are limited. Reserve your beef order with as little as a $50 deposit.

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