Beef Buying Process

Ordering Idaho Beef is simple; our goal is to make it easy to buy meat in bulk online.

Don’t know how much you need?

Once you reserve your order, we can help you determine the size that fits your needs and budget. We can also discuss your options for cuts and wrapping. Need more steaks? Let us know! Prefer ground meat over a chuck roast? Can do! Order half an animal and we’ll cut it up as you please.

If you have questions before you make a deposit, give us a call.


Our cattle are chosen from a variety of breeds, guaranteeing variety and great flavor. We have three types: Grass Finished, Corn Finished and Barley Finished.  You make the choice!  Check out the menu on the right side of this page for details on the differences in the cattle types.

The animals are butchered when they reach 1200-1300 pounds. The meat is then dry aged for about 14 days before it is cut and wrapped.


Prices are based on hanging weight. That is the weight of the meat before it is aged and packed. (This is different from the weight after packing.) Hanging weight is not determined until after the animal is butchered, so all prices are approximate until that time. Prior to delivery, we will call you to discuss the order size that best fits your needs and the total cost estimate that best fits your budget.


In every order you are guaranteed a full variety of cuts. You will receive 45% lean ground beef, 25% high quality steaks, 15% roasts, 10% round steaks and 4-6% stew meat, soup bones and ribs. Custom cuts are available on 1/4 beef orders and larger. Treats for the dogs available on 1/4 beef and larger. Orders come individually wrapped and ready for the freezer. High quality steaks include Rib Steaks T-bones and Sirloins that average 1- 1/2 pounds each. Custom cuts and extra thick steaks available on large orders.

Sample Orders

Here are some sample orders:

Inside our Delivery area

$100 down with the rest due at delivery

If the hanging weight is 90 lbs. x $4.63 = $416.70 plus tax where applicable

Outside of our delivery area

Same price +plus+ air freight to your location.

  • Please contact us prior to making a deposit to discuss shipping options.


Your final cost

The final cost depends on the hanging weight of the animal.  This is determined prior to the dry-aging process so it will not be the amount of finished beef you receive. You will be contacted with the hanging weight before delivery or shipping.  All orders must be paid in full before being shipped.


Reserve your beef now

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Idaho Beef brings authentic, farm-raised beef to the Seattle and Portland area.

Ordering is easy, but supplies are limited. Reserve your beef order with as little as a $50 deposit.

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