What is Idaho Beef


For starters, it's a lot more than just beef from Idaho.

Idaho Beef is dry aged beef that has been ranch raised for that old Fashioned, real beef quality. It's beef from cattle that lived in the mountains and lush meadows of Eastern Washington and North Central Idaho. It's local, natural beef delivered fresh to Eastern Washington, the Puget Sound, Portland Oregon and of course North Central Idaho. Idaho Beef is as natural as the grasslands they roam, free from hormones, and only fed what cattle were intended to eat.

That's not animal by-products by the way!

Idaho Beef is the natural, economical option for people who want to order beef that is healthy, and quality. They want to order beef the way it used to be sold. Idaho beef is the quality of beef your body deserves to have - cattle raised the Western way, the way that made beef famous.

It's beef quality your parents remember.

..and it's from Idaho.

The Idaho Beef Difference

Our cattle live like cattle are intended to live. They spend their lives on the open range or in large pastures eating grass and swatting flies. From calving season to branding season, in their summer pasture, or at fall roundup, these cattle grow and mature the Western way, the old fashioned way.

We don't give our cattle hormones. They aren't fed animal by-products. They are free to graze the lands and enjoy the Northwest bounty.

Our select group of Idaho and Washington ranchers know there are no shortcuts. We raise them slow and dry age them before we ship them. We know that cows that live a natural, healthy and happy life will produce better beef. If you are looking for a way to order beef raised the old-western way, we are the Southern Idaho, Washington and Oregon connection.

Western raised ranch beef...thats what we're known for and thats what you'll get.


Beef so good it's worth sharing!

Idaho Beef brings authentic, farm-raised beef to the Seattle and Portland area.

Ordering is easy, but supplies are limited. Reserve your beef order with as little as a $50 deposit.

Simply call 208-476-3356 to get started!

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