Local Food with Local Flavor

Idaho beef is local food that supports a local economy. Most of our cows come from Northwest Idaho and Eastern Washington families that have been raising cattle for generations. We believe in supporting our local economy, culture, and ecosystem.

A Northwest Community Business

Our cattle thrive in the Great Northwest and so do our business. Idaho Beef is an Idaho LLC with staff residing in the Seattle/Tacoma area. We work with local contractors whenever possible, and do business with established community meat cutters who will meet our high standards.

We do business the old Western way, with a firm handshake and a commitment to locals. We want you to experience the Old-Western ranch way not only in our beef, but also in the way we do business.

Maintaining an Environment for Future Generations

We love our steaks, and we also recognize the importance of sustainable cattle raising. Many experts believe, when we don’t use a pasture-raised system, we deplete our environment of valuable fossil fuels. This is because feeding cattle in a feedlot requires a lot of energy and that energy needs fuel. On top of that, it simply doesn’t taste as good!

Idaho beef cattle, on the other hand, roam the Pacific Northwest countryside, fertilizing the soil. Our grass finished cattle also help reduce society's dependence on grain production. By supporting the families that choose to raise their cattle the natural way; you are also supporting the environment.

Committed to the Community

Idaho Beef is dedicated to teaching future generations about the rural lifestyles of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s teaching children how to use a lasso, donating educational trips to local agricultural businesses for inner-city schools, or sponsoring fundraisers for nonprofits, we hope to share our cherished culture with the rapidly changing urban environments around us. We believe that a natural, rural lifestyle is something to cherish, even if it is only experienced in great steaks and hamburgers.



Beef so good it's worth sharing!

Idaho Beef brings authentic, farm-raised beef to the Seattle and Portland area.

Ordering is easy, but supplies are limited. Reserve your beef order with as little as a $50 deposit.

Simply call 208-476-3356 to get started!

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