Idaho Beef is an LLC out of Orofino, Idaho that has been in business since 2005.

How We Started

Idaho Beef was a direct result of market demand. Pat, an active member of his local community, had been running cattle all of his life. One day, while finishing some steers, he realized he had more than he needed. He needed to sell the extra beef; his sister in Eatonville, WA (in the Seattle area) suggested he set up a booth at the Puyallup Fair.

While at the Fair, Pat was amazed by the number of interested people. Not only did he sell the extra beef, he actually had more demand than cattle. Pat returned to Idaho with a long list of interested customers and a determination to gather more cattle producers.

What We Are About

There are no gimmicks with Idaho Beef, what we sell is what we believe in. Our grass fed beef is hormone - free because our cattle don’t need them. We believe that cattle are supposed to graze on grass and have never dealt with producers that use feedlots. If cattle requires antibiotic (this is very rare) we wait 30 days before it can be considered for beef, to ensure the medicine has left their system. Our business is built on integrity, and our producers are held to our high standards.

A Grass Fed Revolution

Dry- Aged, grass fed beef has become the latest health food craze, but for Pat it was always like that. A true Idaho Cowboy, Pat grew up eating beef that roamed the lands around him. The meat was allowed to dry age, while corporate meat producers came up with new ways to speed up the aging process, often at a risk to health and quality.

The quality in Idaho Beef did not come about because it is what’s popular, it happened because it is what Pat knows.

From Idaho with Love

Idaho Beef got its start in Puyallup, WA but now delivers to the greater Seattle area, (including Everett and Tacoma), the Spokane area and the greater Portland area. We are currently ramping up for delivery to California and are considering plans to branch out to major East Coast metropolitan areas.

Idaho Beef is also available for restaurants, caterers and specialty grocers looking to provide high-quality, grass fed, dry-aged beef to their customers. Please contact us directly to discuss options.

Locally Run; Authentic Flavor

Idaho Beef is an Idaho company supporting Pacific Northwest businesses. All contractors and business partners are headquartered out of Washington, Idaho, or Oregon. All marketing is managed by Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing out of Tacoma, WA.



Beef so good it's worth sharing!

Idaho Beef brings authentic, farm-raised beef to the Seattle and Portland area.

Ordering is easy, but supplies are limited. Reserve your beef order with as little as a $50 deposit.

Simply call 208-476-3356 to get started!

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