Better Beef Because of Better Grass

When it comes to meat, the food you eat is directly a result of the food the animal eats. Idaho Beef is healthier because of the environment it is raised in. The valleys of Eastern Washington and Northwest Idaho are ideal for both grazing cattle and apple trees. When it comes to beef, it is a difference you can taste.

It all starts with the grass, air and open spaces, then we add the cattle. Finally, mix in fresh, pure water from the Bitterroot Mountains and Pacific Ocean fed precipitation. The Northwest rains combined with the luxurious grasses of the area, leads to beef that is healthy, nutritious and unmatched.

The valleys of Northwest Idaho and Eastern Washington are excellent sources of nutrition for naturally grazing cattle. While there are many areas known for cattle and cowboys, Idaho is one of the best sources for healthy, well-fed pasture beef.

Do You Need Organic Beef ?

While Idaho Beef cannot be called organic beef, we don’t think it needs to be. Organic certification ensures your food has been grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, sewage sludge and genetically modified organisms. It also requires costly approvals and recertifications, and that cost is passed on to consumers.

People should not have to pay premium for natural food. That’s why we produce natural beef that’s as close to organic beef as you can buy without organic food prices.

  • Idaho Beef grass fed/ grain finished cattle are fed hay, barley, and oats
    that have not been genetically modified
  • Grazing animals are at least 100 miles from any metropolitan areas
    and have no exposure to sewer sludge
  • We do not accept animals that have been given antibiotics,
    and our cattle are never given growth hormones.

Truly organic food requires certification of the grass as well, and it would cost too much money for our family-ran producers to test the endless acres of grass on which their cattle roam. It is much easier for smaller grazing areas and barnyards specializing in organic beef where they can better control the diet of their cattle.

Instead, our cattle roam free; enjoying the untouched lands of the Pacific Northwest.


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